Power Reports makes getting reports for your project & portfolio data as easy as a click of a button.


Your data is gathered offline and stored in a highly performant database then loaded directly into PowerBI where it's cached to provide snappy reports.


Built on the latest Azure technologies your data is safe. It's managed in it's own dedicated container and accessibile only by your organization.


Numerous prebuilt reports are included and our highly skilled BI specialists will custom build additional reports as needed to accommodate your needs.


Since we snapshot your data every night we are able to provide detailed trend analysis across your entire portfolio.


No PowerBI Pro licenses or capacities to buy. A simple, flexible pricing plan based on your needs.


Nothing to maintain or build. The system does everything so you can focus on your business.

Project Desktop


The online version of Project Server that has companies saving time and money is now in the cloud. Save on infrastructure costs, support, and never have downtime again.

Power Reports for Project Online helps you move to the cloud and still directly access your data. You get instant reports without having to build out a data warehouse or configure and maintain complex ETL processes.


With Power Reports you can visualize current KPIs, monitor trends as projects change, compare historical data, and drill into every detail of your portfolio.

By leveraging the PowerBI platform Power Reports lets you analyze terabytes of data in a flash while offering cutting edge reporting capabilities using the latest in Business Intelligence solutions built and supported by Microsoft.

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Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence
Data Warehouse

Big Data Analytics


Building a large, performant data warehouse with complex ETL processes to get your data in a useable format can be an extremely difficult task that requires time, money, and a team of skilled engineers.

We've designed a system to gather your portfolio data and push it to our highly scalable, performant and secure Data Warehouse utilized by our reporting system backed by the extremely robust PowerBI infrastructure.


Power Reports includes a number of current state reports that will provide detailed information about your projects and porfolios. Sign up now and within minutes you will get the following detailed reports.

  • Portfolio Dashboard
  • Gantt Timelines
  • Costs Summary
  • Risks Analysis
  • Issues Lists
  • Resource Overview
  • Resource Availability
  • Project Status
  • Project Trends
  • Milestones
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Status Reports

Summary & Detail Reports

Trend Reports

Highlighted Changes


Compare your current week metrics to those of last week at a glance. With Week Over Week comparisons you can instantly determine if there have been significant changes in your projects core metrics since the prior week.


Get your portfolio timeline overview for all projects in a gantt chart. See each projects expected duration against it's percent complete by project type. Slide the start date slider to narrow in on specific time frames.

Gant Chart Timelines

Gantt Charts

Trend Reports

Time Based Analysis


Using advanced big data techniques Power Reports gathers Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCDs) over time allowing unprecedented visualizations of project data over time. Have historical access to every available project server field.

Project, task, and resource data is collected to analyze time, duration, cost, and date trends. Know instantly what your project looked like the day it started, yesterday, last week, last month and every day in between with Power Reports trend analysis reporting.


With historical data available for all metrics KPIs not only show the current value of the data you're interested in but how that value has changed over time.

Most KPIs and charts are interactive. Hover your mouse over any sparkline, graph, or chart and see the value of that metric over time.

Dynamic KPIs

KPI Interaction

Dynamic KPIs



Want more info on a specific project? Right click that project on any portfolio report and select Drillthrough/Project Status to be taken directly to a set of reports specifically for that project.


With our EDIT feature you can modify any report with our online report editor. Simply click Edit, change/move/delete visuals, drag and drop different fields into visuals, change title, color, just about anything. Hit Save and a complete revision history will be stored. The system will then automatically load your last revision on each visit.

Need additional reports? Or don't want to customize them yourself? We have a team of dedicated BI professionals ready to build the exact report you need. With years of experience tailoring reports to customer requirements we can create the exact visual to answer your business questions.

Custom Reports
Mobile Reports

Mobile App


Monitor your portfolio right from your phone. View KPI's while on the go and review your portfolio's total cost, work, % complete, number of active risks and issues as well as average CPI and SPI.

With report cross-filtering you can even select a specific project from you list of all available projects and get key metrics specific to that project. All from your mobile device without having to even open your laptop.

Getting Started

Installing Power Reports is a simple process that only takes a few minutes and will start providing essential insight to your project and portfolio data soon after.


Login to your PWA

Installations of Power Reports are specific to a PWA. Once logged in to your PWA you'll be able to install the Power Reports App.


Install the App

Go to the Microsoft Store, click 'Get it now', and follow the steps to install. Once installed, click the icon to begin provisioning your tenant.


Wait for Provisioning

When provisioning is complete and data has been captured you can access your reports via the button in Site Contents and your Project toolbar.


Power Reports has a number of different pricing levels to meet your needs. If you only have a few projects you'd like insight on start with the Free plan. As your projects grow or you need to report on a larger portfolio upgrade as needed.


$0 / forever

  • 5 Projects
  • 250 Views/month
  • Unlimited Users
  • Portfolio Reports
  • Project Reports
  • Trend Reports
  • Milestone Reports
  • Resource Reports
  • Report Editor


$39 / per month

  • 25 Projects
  • 250 Views/month
  • Unlimited Users
  • Portfolio Reports
  • Project Reports
  • Trend Reports
  • Milestone Reports
  • Resource Reports
  • Report Editor


$199 / per month

  • 300 Projects
  • 1,500 Views/month
  • Unlimited Users
  • Portfolio Reports
  • Project Reports
  • Trend Reports
  • Milestone Reports
  • Resource Reports
  • Report Editor


$499 / per month

  • 1,000 Projects
  • 3,500 Views/month
  • Unlimited Users
  • Portfolio Reports
  • Project Reports
  • Trend Reports
  • Milestone Reports
  • Resource Reports
  • Report Editor

Enterprise Plans
Have more than 1,000 projects or need more Views / month? Contact us directly and we'll setup a custom plan that fits your precise needs.

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Not sure Power Reports will work for you organization? Give it a test run with our Free subscription and see. If you're not completely satisfied contact us directly and we'll see if we can customize the system to meet your needs.

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Power Reports is built by a team of engineers with years of experience helping Fortune 1000 companies implement Business Intelligence solutions. From this deep experience we were able to build a powerful and performant reporting platform for Microsoft Project Online.

We've worked with both small startups and enterprises that manage and report on terrabytes of data. We know technology, and we've put it to work building Power Reports to make your life easier.